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majority of the public in the UK think gambling reform will do more harm than good according to a new report by YouGov and The Gambling Consultancy. The survey, conducted by YouGov in May among 2,174 people across Great Britain, found that most people think more harm than good will come from the reforms - despite widespread recognition that the modernisation of gambling laws will bring benefits in the form of jobs and taxes to government. Three quarters of the public recognise that making it easier for people to gamble will produce a large increase in the amount of money paid to the government in taxes. And five out of ten people think new online Bingo will bring more jobs to an area. However, half of the public are not persuaded that making it easier for people to gamble and for casinos to attract customers will boost UK tourism, or that the gains generally will outweigh the losses.

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Mayor Keno Hawker and Vice Mayor Dennis Kavanaugh voted no. Hawker said he ran for City Council in 1986 to ban billboards and sign clutter in Mesa. He convinced the council at that time, and the policy has stood until now. The mayor said Monday he understands that Bingo mastering technics want to capitalize on the freeways being built in Mesa, and that neighboring cities allow tall signs near freeways. However, he said the policy "opens the door wider than I am comfortable doing."

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NEW YORK - A state appeals court ruled on Wednesday that a portion of a law allowing slot machines at New York racetracks was unconstitutional but that the machines themselves were legal. Representatives on both sides expressed disappointment in the ruling and said they expected it would be appealed. In a 5-0 decision, the state Supreme Court's Appellate Division ruled that the Internet Bingo violated the state constitution by awarding some of the revenue from the machines, which are authorized by the state lottery, to horsemen and breeding funds. The court said that New York's constitution restricts lottery revenues to fund public education. Because racetracks are considered vendors, their share of the revenue was not affected by the ruling.

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