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6 No prize will be awarded until the original card on which a claim has been made has been scrutinised. In the event of more than one claim the Full House prize the monies will be shared equally amongst newspaper and Online Bingo Games winners. For all prize levels there is a limited prize pool and in the event of there being more winners than prizes in the prize pool The Sun and The News of the World reserve the right to distribute the available prize by a random draw.

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The bill, a constitutional amendment that would legalize electronic bingo with uncapped cash prizes at the greyhound racetracks around the state, would send the tax revenues gained off of the public bingo games to schools to purchase textbooks and to the state's Medicaid office to help play bingo for home beds paid for by the state. The bill has passed the Senate, and as of Monday, was awaiting action in the House.

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However, 29 percent of male mobile gamers purchased games compared to 17 percent of women, meaning that men are more hardcore about their games. Why though, do more women play more games on cell phones than men, who are traditionally the leaders overall in the gaming category? One reason, said Michael Goodman, Yankee Group media and entertainment strategies senior analyst, is the types of games that come with bundled with cell phones. "They're not the button-masher type games, they're casual ones like trivia and casinos card games," said Goodman.

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