Ellen Newell Wins 100,000 UK Pound Jackpot in Breckland Bingo Club

Even as a young girl Ellen Newell, a 76 years old widow from Mildenhall, liked to share what she has with others, especially with those people that are close to her. Nothing has changed since back then especially after winning a huge 100,000 UK Pounds bingo jackpot.

Ellen Newell, better known as Olly to her friends in Mildenhall, won the jackpot at Breckland Bingo Club located in Brandon and is planning to give half of her bingo winnings to her bingo companion and best friend, Lil Dowsett, a 74 years old lady who is also from Mildenhall.

The rest of the winnings will be split by her two daughters, her twin sons, who will celebrate their 50th birthday this year, her 15 grabdchildren and her 18 great grand children. It is the first big win the Olly Newell has experienced since starting to play bingo more than 30 years ago.

She commented that she is thankful for the good fortune that she have received but she does not really want it and it does not seems right that she will keep it all for herself. It is her nature to make other people happy using her winnings from the bingo game.

Ellen Newell won the 100,000 UK Pounds jackpot of the National Bingo Game together with the bonus prize from Breckland Bingo Hall which is worth 53 UK Pounds. She completed the full house pattern in just 37 numbers, the lowest call in all 500 clubs nationwide playing in the National Bingo.

She said that she is slowly putting her fingers on the numbers on her card, praying that it will be called and it did. When she has only one number in her card and the caller is shouting it, she has told her bestfriend that they are calling the last number in her card. She could not shout because she was shaking so much, so her bestfriend Lil had to shout "Bingo!" for her.

Olly Newell has been a widow for almost 25 years now and her bestfriend Lil's husband just died last April. They have been bingo companions for almost five years now and they frequently go to the Breckland Bingo Hall in Brandon every Monday, Thursday and Friday and in Thetford on Tuesdays.

Olly originally hails from near Fakenham and used to work with her husband James at the RAF Mildenhall and has lived in Mildenhall for more than 3 decades now. She said that she just love the joy that it brings her when she is playing bingo and she really do not care if she wins or not.

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