Bingo Games, Breakfast Help Sponsor the Center

Senior Citizens at the South Salem Senior Center have been playing bingo almost every Friday night, with just a few exceptions, for almost a decade now. According to them, it is a very enjoyable and stimulating game as players genuinely have fun at every game and players who win receive cash prizes.

According to Dean Davenport, a SSS board member and a regular volunteer at the center, it is a very rewarding way of spending your Friday afternoon. Players who are interested can join them and he guarantees that they will have an unforgettable experience and will feel at ease immediately as everyone is very friendly and hospitable at the center.

Players can buy their hard card and paper numbers at exactly 11:45 a.m. and the actual bingo game will begin at 1:00 p.m. with no interruptions and exceptions for anyone. Players can take a break at the middle of the games. The bingo game usually ends at around 3:30 p.m.

The whole game has 22 games in all, a person can play all of the games for just $3.75. They can also play fewer games by buying the hard cards which cost 50 cents each or a packet of four games for $3 dollars. The first game will cost 25 cents, which is a Texas Blackout. Prizes will range from $5 dollars to $20 dollars. The biggest prize comes with the blackout game cash prize which is $60 dollars.

For newcomers, a printout is given so that they can determine the sequence of the games and pattern that the players needs to complete in order to win the game. A lighted model of the bingo card and the number that is called is shown in the wall so that players can follow clearly and there would be no confusion.

Snacks are available for a modest fee. The average attendance is usually about 40 players but there is room for more. The bingo game is open to anyone who are 18 years old and older. The center generates about $400 dollars a month from this bingo games, which is then used for to pay for their operating expenses and the mortgage for the center.

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