Talk About Bingo

Listed below are some terms used in bingo halls, and among gambling players worldwide. It does not take rocket science to understand them and put them in mind, so why not try to learn a few?

Special - in bingo, gambling players will experience playing regular and special bingo games. Regular games are played with hard cards, while special games are played with flimsies. Usually, special games happen before the start of the session, and also after the game. Also, the prizes in special games are different from the regular ones.

Split Pot - this is a situation in which the gambling player who won the game parts the prize with the gambling house.

Speed Bingo - a type of special game in bingo. This is played to amuse gambling players as they wait for the session or another game to start. They are called as such because gambling players may win in this game in a short span of time, as compared to the regular games. The patterns here are easy to form, and also consists of only a few numbers.

Texas Blackout - this is a fun variant of the regular blackout. In this game, the first number drawn is very important. If that number is even, the even numbers on your bingo cards are then considered wild. All you have to worry now is for the caller to draw your odd numbers. On the other hand, when the first number is odd, then you will only have to wish for is for the caller to draw your even numbers so that you will get a blackout.

Warm up - these are special games played to prepare the gambling players for the session or the next game. Organizers surely do not want their gambling players to be bored, that is why they design warm up games.

Wrap up - this is the final game in the session. Usually, this is a blackout game.

Basket Bingo - usually, gambling players may win money in bingo games. However, some organizers opt to give out prizes in baskets such as food, goodies, and knick knacks.

Bingo Books - Why have your multiple bingo cards separately when you can have them bound? Bingo books are exactly the thing a gambling player wants if he or she prefers a more organized set of bingo cards you will play in a session.

Bingo Card - the card which contains the numbers that must be matched by the gambling players with the ones being drawn by the caller.

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