Bingo Roomies

There are basically many types of bingo online roomies. Most players come and go, some stay for a while, and some stay for a lifetime. There are many different types of people playing bingo online, since the game is available world wide. Here are some types of players that you may encounter while playing online.

Different types of Bingo Roomies:

1) Over-friendly Bingo Chat Mate: This type of bingo player is constantly making new friends. This player is very interested in everybody and they make sure that everybody is getting along well. They are normally regarded as the "other" host of the chat room. If new bingo members participate or join in the conversations, they will be the first player to introduce themselves. On their negative side, they can be very overbearing; sometimes you will notice that their being happy-go-lucky is an act of trying to cover their insecure character. Their urgency to guarantee the happiness and peace among other players are sometimes tiring. Basically, these type of roomies are the ones who make sure that everybody is having a good time while playing bingo.

2) Strange type of Loner: This type of player does not mingle with other players. They seldom interact with the others. They only participate in a conversation when they are playing bingo. When asked, they simply answer with a "yes" or a "no". They don't share stories about themselves and they only talk about the game. They are the most anti-social in the world of bingo online.

3) Competitive type of Gambler" This type of bingo player talks about winning only. They are not interested in the story of your life. They only talk about how they win the game. Most of the time, players don't like this type of players because often they are regarded as being too competitive and arrogant. All they want is to win.

4) Mother Hen type of Player: This is the favorite of almost everybody. They are the ones that are ready to give a helping hand to those who need it. They are the ones that comfort other players if they lose, and they are ready to help even when you have personal problems. They are always there, present and willing to listen to all your problems and worries. They are sweet and caring. They are playing "mother" to everybody.

5) The Loony Soul Mate type of Player: This person is your best friend online. He is exactly like you that is the reason why you two get along just fine. You two can relate with each other's life, joys and problems. You talk about personal thing in life, like your children, husband and personal problems. You two understand each other.

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